[BCAB] Missing postings

Gerry gkparsons46 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 11:28:06 GMT 2019


In the last few days it has become obvious that I am missing many posts 
to the list, but still recieving some. Here is a recent example.

Just now,10:40am,   I opened my email, I use Thunderbird with nvda. 
There were only four postings from BCAB, two were from Steve Nutt, one 
from David Griffiths and one from Stephen Cambell.

One of the postings from Steve Nutt had the subject line - Navigating 
and understanding google play music. Reading this thread the original 
message was from Georgina Joyce. This is a posting from late last night 
which has not arrived on my PC.

I am also seeing far fewer postings than usual.

Any ideas?

many thanks


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