[BCAB] weierd outlook problem again

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Wed Oct 30 23:02:39 GMT 2019


Like I think I said, it's when you have more than one instance of Outlook
loaded.  Before you open it, make sure it's not in the system tray.  If it
is, open it from there, rather than a second instance.

All the best


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Still having a problem with outlook not opening correctly, despite
restarting the program and the system several times.

Symptoms: The inbox is in focus displaying 0 items. Control tab takes me to
the navigation bar, but none of the buttons work, so I can't display any
mail folders. Restarting it hasn't worked, and whilst I can send a message
with no problem, reading received mail is no go.

Googled this but I'm wondering whether it's a jaws issue,



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