[BCAB] Setting a windows 7 Hard drive back to Factory settings

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Thu Oct 31 13:20:21 GMT 2019


My method will work on the Windows 7 laptop as well though if you are not comfortable in getting a Windows 10 USB stick generated then it may be best to get someone else to do this.  There may also be a recovery partition on the Windows 7 laptop to reset to factory settings with a clean copy of Windows 7 but this may be slower than just wiping the disk especially if you don't want to use the computer afterwards.

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Hi all,

Tom Reid's  recent message regarding wiping a windows hard drive and Andrew
Hodgson's recent reply to that message  prompt me to ask a similar question.

My wife has an old Laptop which runs windows 7 for which she now has no use
as she now has a new laptop  which runs Windows 10.

Taking into account that all important documents and e-mails as  well as the
latest updates to screen access technology are now accessible on the new
windows 10 machine and the fact that support for Windows 7 is due to run out
soon, My wife   is thinking of having her old laptop taken to the local
electrical recycling.  However, before this is done, we are thinking that
the hard disk needs to be reset to Factory settings.  Is this possible for
me to do using either the copy of Jaws on the old laptop, (in which case I'd
be looking to remove the Jaws key from that laptop once it was back to
Factory settings),  or Narrator, or will we need to wait for a sighted
friend to assist in setting the laptop back to factory settings?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Alexander Shannon

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