[BCAB] Accessible ADware cleaner

Ibrahim Gucukoglu igucukoglu at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 31 17:44:10 GMT 2019

I would suggest contacting Microsoft technical support if you have a smart phone through the be my eyes app. There is a tool called malicious software removal tool but I don’t know how to use this as I’ve never had occasion to. I am quite surprised Malwarebytes was not able to remove the malware however I do know that some malware can be extremely objectionable and stubborn once it gets into your system. Good luck and hopefully Microsoft will be able to remove it. Did your antivirus software not pick this up?

> On 31 Oct 2019, at 15:19, Pele West <pele.westlists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ibrahim
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> I tried Malware bytes and it said my PC was clear. But I have something
> objectionable called Systweak.com which causes windows to pup up and
> stay. I can't get Window-Eyes, JAWS or NVDA to clear them, although NVDA
> will read them when I load Chrome.
> I was told by someone on Eset Support that Systweak.com was Adware and
> to try ADW Cleaner. I did this but it was not very accessible.
> Pele
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