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Please download the PPC image from, http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/e3a3ju
this file will be available until Jan 1 please say if you need a new file.

Extract this to the route of your PPC and say yes to replace all files, and try and run the programs from the route of the drive and let me know.

If this doesn't work, you can by all means post the drive back for another one.


BCAB Developer.

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Hi Ted and all,

I have had similar problems with mine.
The Winamp Help says the page cannot be displayed but I think this is because Winamp have since closed down their site. The Winamp FAQ, meanwhile as Ted says, opens the Thunderbird FAQ.

The Winamp portable download page from within Additional Help does work because that goes to a different website.

I have also checked the link to the Thunderbird FAQ within the Thunderbird help folder and that does still go to the correct Thunderbird link. I think whoever put the help section together has accidentally pasted in the wrong tinyurl in the Winamp shortcut. Perhaps they would be kind enough to E-mail us the correct one so we can modify our Pocket PCs.

However, I am having a much more serious problem which I am going to write about in a separate message.


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I found that on going into the Winamp file in the Help folder on the Pocket PC and opening the "Winamp FAQ" and the "Winamp Help" file itself neither actually do what they should!  The FAQ comes up with an error message saying that I can't be redirected, and the Help File takes me to Thunderbird help.  How can these problems be resolved?
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