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Léonie Watson leonie.watson at bcab.org.uk
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Those are the files you need. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to replace the files on your PPC.

Please make a backup of everything on your PPC before you try this. We need to completely replace everything on the drive.

When you've made a backup, delete everything on your PPC, then run the PPC 1.1 base install.exe file from your computer. You'll be asked where you want to place the files. The default is your current location, so you'll need to navigate to your PPC and select it manually.

It's possible that your anti-virus software may flash a warning when you install the update. We're aware that Malwarebytes is particularly prone to doing this.

The PPC 1.1 update has been thoroughly checked, and we've field tested it on machines running Eset Security Essentials and other popular anti-virus applications without difficulty. If you get a warning, you may wish to temporarily disable your anti-virus software whilst you install the update, then enable it immediately afterwards.

Within a couple of minutes you should find that the updated PPC folders and files are all in place. You can leave the PPC 1.1 base install.exe file on your PPC if you wish, but it isn't required.

At this point the update should be good to go. Please note: You should always use the Windows safe ejection feature before removing your PPC from the computer it's plugged into.


Léonie Watson - Chair, BCAB

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Yes, I have.

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Do you still have the PPC 1.1 update I shared with you a couple of weeks ago?


Léonie Watson - Chair, BCAB

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I have recently received a Pocket PC from BCAB, as a member.
I was subscribed at the mailing list but I've unsubscribed few weeks ago.
Too many emails comes into my imbox...
I have broken the configuration system folder and I wish to have the original content of PPC again if is possible.
May I download it from somewhere>
I think I can formatting and rename the USB as the original name and after format to put the content back like  the original one.

Many Thanks for help.
Adrian Tamasan
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