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Hi Léonie,

Thanks for this information. I have noticed that The Cube hasn’t been updated for some time. However, it works alright for me other than some tweets won’t send if they have URLs in them.

What I don’t understand is why this product keeps being developed and dropped. First you had MCTwit, then Qwitter and then The Cube and we also had Twitmonger along the way. You now say there is a paid product – I thought it was supposed to be based on Freeware. Yes Twitter keep changing the way they interact with third party software but instead of the developer keeping up they start a new program and don’t even bother to tell us or provide a link from the old website – this is what happened when we went from Qwitter to The Cube.

What’s the sayhing if I pay for Chicken Nugget they’ll drop that at some point in the future? I made a donation to Quartizer who make The Cube, never got an acknowledgement and they’ve not answered any tweets about bugs for some time. One can’t help but feeling quite disolusioned about this.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The Qube is no longer maintained as a product, and since Twitter made substantial changes to the way it interacts with third party programmes last year, The Qube is no longer a stable product.


It would be good to include a Twitter client on the PPC, but I don’t believe there is a fully accessible free Twitter client for Windows that would be suitable at the moment. Chicken Nugget is the recognised replacement – developed by the same person that created The Qube and Qwitter before it. It’s a paid product though, so not any use for the PPC I’m afraid.






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Like many visually impaired users I think The Cube is an excellent Twitter client and it can be run from USB pen drives, even without a screen reader. I think this would be an excellent addition to the PPC. More details at:




My anti virus software currently shows a warning when you visit this site but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Lots of people use this software without a problem.



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