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Though there is no reason why you couldn’t’ purchase yoru own copy of Chicken nugget and run it from your PPC.  <smiles>


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Thanks for the suggestion. The Qube is no longer maintained as a product, and since Twitter made substantial changes to the way it interacts with third party programmes last year, The Qube is no longer a stable product.

It would be good to include a Twitter client on the PPC, but I don’t believe there is a fully accessible free Twitter client for Windows that would be suitable at the moment. Chicken Nugget is the recognised replacement – developed by the same person that created The Qube and Qwitter before it. It’s a paid product though, so not any use for the PPC I’m afraid.


Léonie Watson – Chair, BCAB

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Like many visually impaired users I think The Cube is an excellent Twitter client and it can be run from USB pen drives, even without a screen reader. I think this would be an excellent addition to the PPC. More details at:


My anti virus software currently shows a warning when you visit this site but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Lots of people use this software without a problem.

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