[PPC] pocketpc won't work with netbook

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Yes, from your description, the update to the PPC should fix the problem you’ve experienced on your Windows 7 machine. We’ll keep you posted on the update.


When you plug the PPC into your Windows 8 machine, could you try the following:


Go into the System Configuration folder on the PPC.

Go into the NVDA folder, then run NVDA.exe from there.


To keep the PPC simple and easy to use, we’ve ghosted the executable files in the root of the drive. I’m curious as to whether it’s the actual programme that won’t run, or the version stored in the root of the PPC.

If you’re able to share your experiences, it should help us track down the cause of the problem. Thanks for your help.





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Hi Léonie,


Thank you for your E-mail updating us on the rectification of the problems with the PPC. It sounds like this is what has been causing my problems as I have Windows 7 32 bit on this machine. When I try to launch the main applications on it, such as NVDA, Winamp and Firefox  I get an error which says “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an X86 (32-bit) or X64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher.” Is this the error you are referring to?


I was going to get round to sending my PPC back to Barry today, but I might just wait for your update now as I am fairly confident it will solve the problem.


However, there is still the fact that when I try the Pocket PC in my Windows 8 64-bit laptop and try to run the same applications absolutely nothing happens at all when I hit Enter on one of the applications in the route directory. Have you any idea why this is? Could there be some kind of security setting in W8 which is blocking it? Strangely enough though all the applications I have tried within the “Advanced Tools” folder on both my W7 and W8 machines seem to work OK.


Kind regards,



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We’re working on an update to the PPC. We identified some issues when the PPC was plugged into a 32bit version of Windows (as opposed to a 64bit version). Initially we thought the issues were restricted to Windows XP, but we now know that it affects any 32bit version of Windows. I suspect this may be the problem you’re experiencing.


We’re just testing the update now. When we’re sure it’s ready for distribution, we’ll make it available to everyone who has already bought a PPC.


We can either make the PPC update available for you to download and replace yourself, or you’re welcome to send your PPC back to Barry so we can carry out the update for you.


Sorry your PPC isn’t working for the moment, but if you can hold tight for a little while longer, we’ll be able to sort it out for you. Any questions, just let us know.








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                This is my first time contacting the list. 


I have a Sam Sung netbook windows 7 when plugging in the pocketpc my sighted husband tells me that there is a message, saying not compatable, it does the same on his netbook also a Sam Sung. Please could someone advise what mayhbe wrong.Thankyou Jean.


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