[PPC] EXE files on USB root not working

Stephen Heap S.HEAP at sky.com
Wed Feb 5 17:13:31 GMT 2014

I obtained a USB drive from BCAB with the pocket PC installed.
I have noticed that the executable files on the root directory come 
up with an error message when I try to run them.
The message indicates that the file is not a valid win32 application 
this is the same for each program file in the root.

I can however run the portable app files within the sub folders. Do 
these main exe files in the root do anything extra or can I just use 
shortcuts to the main portable apps? Or are there alternative copies 
of these root files available?

I have tried this on my main computer which runs windows xp with 
service pack 3 with  2gb ram.
I have not had access to another computer to try that out.

Best regards
Stephen Heap

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