[PPC] EXE files on USB root not working

Chris Rodgers chris.rodgers2 at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 6 16:03:43 GMT 2014

Hi here is the link and instructions to get the win 32 bit update

Please download the following build for the 
pocket PC, and follow the guide below.

1.  Locate the file you just downloaded.
2.  Press return to launch this, and say yes if 
Windows User Account Control prompts you.
3.  You need to select the path to extract the 
Pocket PC systems files to, which is the route of 
your Pocket PC.  Tab to the unlabelled button 
past the path and presss space bar.
3.  Tab three times into the file and folder tree 
and expand Computer using the cursor keys.
4.  Locate your Pocket PC, designated with the 
figure 1 at the start of it's volume label, and expand this.
5.  Tab back to Ok and press return.
6.  Tab to the  Extract button and press 
return.  Say yes to any prompts to replace files.

Please note this could take up to 5 minutes to 
rebuild your Pocket PC and you will be presented 
with an operation successful message once completed.

Let me know how you get on.



if you have problems the email barry



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At 11:02 06/02/2014, you wrote:
>As this seems to be a general problem, would it 
>not be sensible to make the link generally 
>available rather than have individuals 
>requesting it? Iain Sent from my iPad > On 6 Feb 
>2014, at 09:39 am, "David Griffith" 
><d.griffith at btinternet.com> wrote: > > Could I 
>possibly be sent a link to the download as well 
>please? > > David Griffith > > -----Original 
>Message----- > From: PocketPC 
>[mailto:pocketpc-bounces at lists.bcab.org.uk] On 
>Behalf Of > Léonie Watson > Sent: 06 February 
>2014 09:17 > To: 'Discussion list for the BCAB 
>Pocket PC' > Subject: Re: [PPC] EXE files on USB 
>root not working > > Stephen, > > We've been 
>working on an update to the PPC that will fix 
>the problems you've > been experiencing. I can 
>make the update available to you as a download, 
>or > you're welcome to send your PPC back to be 
>updated. > > If you let me know which option 
>you'd prefer, I can either send you the > 
>download link and instructions, or the address 
>to send your PPC to. > > Léonie. > 
>-----Original Message----- > From: PocketPC 
>[mailto:pocketpc-bounces at lists.bcab.org.uk] On 
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>Subject: [PPC] EXE files on USB root not 
>working > > Hi, > I obtained a USB drive from 
>BCAB with the pocket PC installed. > I have 
>noticed that the executable files on the root 
>directory come up with > an error message when I 
>try to run them. > The message indicates that 
>the file is not a valid win32 application this 
>is > the same for each program file in the 
>root. > > I can however run the portable app 
>files within the sub folders. Do these > main 
>exe files in the root do anything extra or can I 
>just use shortcuts to > the main portable apps? 
>Or are there alternative copies of these root 
>files > available? > > I have tried this on my 
>main computer which runs windows xp with 
>service > pack 3 with  2gb ram. > I have not had 
>access to another computer to try that out. > > 
>Best regards > Stephen Heap > > > 
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