[PPC] Unmute Utility N-Mute

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 7 17:02:40 GMT 2014

I wonder if I could suggest that a further addition should be added to the
suite of programmes provided on the Pocket PC. 

A problem many of us find  is that PCS we use in offices have been muted.
I used to get around this by possessing an unmute cd which automatically
ran a bat file which used the freeware utility mute.exe with the command
line mute.exe=off 
This has got me out of trouble several times over the years, including
rescuing sound on a PC without a monitor, where sound had accidentally been
muted, so  even sighted help could not restore sound.

The problem for Pen Drive installation is that it is a bat file so does not
conform to the exe format for relative path execution.

I can however, if it is useful, provide my bat file and the mute.exe utility
to see if anybody knows how to convert this into an exe file suitable for
inclusion on the pen drive.
Ideally if somebody entered the pen and could not get sound after pressing 2
for NVDA then the procedure would be to again press window e to bring up
explorer  , then 1 to open the drive again, then U and enter to run the
unmute utility.

I also have a bat file to bring up the volume dialogue so that you can
easily adjust volume in the case of the level being set to 0  but that is
another story and I will await to see if there is interest in the unmute
concept first.

David Griffith

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