[PPC] NVDA on Windows ME

Glenn glennervin at cableone.net
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Hi Andrew,
Yeh, I forgot about that option, the only thing is that I'm looking for my 
XP CD.  I put the CD onto an ISO, and using Win2ISO, I put it onto a thumb 
drive, so I'm not sure how switching between a CD and thumb drive for all 
this would work.
I don't know if Win2ISO will put Windows ME on a thumb drive, if so, I might 
be able to switch out thumb drives, instead of CDs.
Thanks, you reminded me of more options, and not having to install ME in the 
first place will mean a smaller footprint for sure.
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Truthfully I don't know whether this would work, Those older Windows 
versions used different technologies than 2k/XP and above, so I wouldn't be 
surprised if it didn't.

I take it you are trying to do a clean install of XP on the hard drive?  You 
can actually do an XP clean install, and it will prompt you to put the 
Windows ME disk in to verify you own a qualifying upgrade.  The running 
order would be like this:

1.  Wipe hard drive.
2.  Inser windows XP disk and boot from CD.
3.  Do the install of XP, during the install it will ask for a qualifying 
4.  Insert Windows ME disk, continue.
5.  It checks the disk and then requests the XP disk again.

Ensure you can upgrade to SP3 as soon as possible after the install, I would 
recommend downloading this separately to a USB stick etc because a lot won't 
work without it.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Folks,
Does anyone know if the latest versions of NVDA will work on Windows 
Millennium Edition?
I have an Asus 701 netbook, and I have Windows XP registered to it.
I installed the XP as an upgrade, which required an earlier version of 
I did all this years ago with sighted assistance, but I would like to use my 
Pocket PC to clean up Millennium before I install the Windows XP upgrade.
If not, how far back would I have to go with NVDA to work on Windows ME?


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