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David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 13 23:50:41 GMT 2014

I agree.  This carping on capacity seems very odd to me. There seems to be
an expectation that this is a value for money competitive marketing of a
As I understand it BCAB is not trying to grab market share for profit  like
a minor version of Maplin's but imaginatively raise funds , and along the
way provide a useful setup which provides support to members and all of the
people who rely on this list. As far as I know nobody is making a fast buck
from this. 
For the £10 for members I do not begrudge the price at all and have simply
transferred the contents onto a cheap 16 GB drive and renamed that pen drive

It is the work in the software design and setup, which I know has not been
at all problem free, which has provided the genuine value in the product. As
far as I am aware  everybody who has contributed to the product has done so
freely  and all the proceeds, for what there are to be reinvested for the
continued support of the many members who benefit from this list and other
activities of the BCAB. 
I therefore personally think the criticism along capacity lines is a little
undignified. The design was simply to maximise the potential benefits to our
organisation whilst keeping the price cheap enough for every member. Buying
larger capacity  drives would have eroded fund raising potential, which has
apparently already been hit because the BCAB have found it impossible to
rely upon Articles for the Blind and are now mailing out the products at

David Griffith
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Does capacity really matter? I'd suggest avoiding other installations on the
PPC drive! :)

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> On 13 Feb 2014, at 19:53, "Iain Lackie" <ilackie at perth44.freeserve.co.uk>
> It seems that if we were early adopters, we only get the small  capacity
Pocket PC. I think this is rather sad.
> Iain
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> Greetings One and All,
> I am one more satisfied Pocket PC recipient. I once had a portable
> copy of NVDA on my old university network drive which was an absolute
> life saver on many occasions, not least of which when I required
> urgent computer access for writing a last minute best man speech. This
> really is a superb idea and will I'm sure benefit many of us.
> My only question so far relates to capacity. My memory stick seems to
> have 512MB of storage space. I thought I read somewhere that the
> capacity would be around the 8GB mark. What is the expected total
> capacity for a Pocket PC?
> Thanks very much and well done Barry.
> Regards,
> Darren Paskell
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