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Adrian Picton arh.picton at btinternet.com
Sat Feb 15 11:57:40 GMT 2014


Following the discussion about different sizes of pen drives and people creating copies on larger drives it has occured to me that a future addition to the PPC service might be the ability to purchase online using Paypal as you do now but to then have the choice of either ordering a PPC installed on a pen drive or for a slightly loer price to be able to access the Base Install and download it yourself onto your own drive.

This might be possible, for example, by each user being able to create a unique username and password to access the Base Install at any time and also to download future updates. People who are already BCAB members could perhaps be given the opportunity to log in at this point and to then have the ability to download the base install added as an extra priviledge to their existing member logins.

This way there would be less problems with PPCs going missing in the post, etc. and you could also have the PPC more instantly available to new customers and people could download it onto whatever size of drive they liked. BCAB volunteers would also be able to keep up to date with who has downloaded and updated their PPC via their user accounts. It would also mean you wouldn’t have to keep posting the base install link to people which carries the potential risk that someone will forward it to a friend to download a free copy. This is because the base install would then be password protected. People who choose to have a pre-installed drive would ideally then have to return their drive to have it updated or could be sent a temporary Sendspace link.

Obviously not knowing a lot about the technology which goes on behind websites I have no idea how much work and expense that might incur BCAB to achieve and it maybe something you’ll tell me will have to sit on the back burner until resources allow but I would be interested to know if people think this would be a useful idea.


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