[PocketPC] Winamp Help

Adrian Picton arh.picton at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 1 15:44:02 GMT 2014

Hi Barry, Ted and all,

I’ve done the same. I downloaded and extracted the file and replaced all the files as you requested. After install I got a message from Windows Installer that this program might not have installed correctly. I then clicked on the option to install with recommended settings and this time I got no message from Windows Installer.

I was therefore hopeful it was going to work this time but I’m afraid I am still getting the same error message that I described in my last E-mail when I try and run one of the programs from the route directory.

I await further advice.

Happy new Year from me as well


From: L. T. Reed 
Sent: 01 January 2014 14:44
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Subject: Re: [PocketPC] Winamp Help

Hi Barry,

I downloaded and extracted the files as instructed but things are as they were before.  No change I'm afraid.

Where to from here?

Happy New Year,


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