[PocketPC] Winamp Help

Adrian Picton arh.picton at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 3 00:07:05 GMT 2014

Hi Ted,

Obviously we’ve had a response from Barry now. Was it just the help files which weren’t working on your’s or are you having difficulty getting programs to run like me?

Hopefully if it was just the help files the replacements Barry has sent will sort it for you.

I am going to have to send mine back by the look of it.

Kind regards,


From: L. T. Reed 
Sent: 02 January 2014 15:18
To: Discussion list for the BCAB Pocket PC 
Subject: Re: [PocketPC] Winamp Help

Hi Adrian,

Now that the downloads haven't worked, I was wondering if you've had any feedback regarding the next step to take in getting the PPC issues resolved?



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