[PocketPC] Winamp Help Revisited

Barry Toner barry at tonermail.co.uk
Sat Jan 25 12:37:52 GMT 2014

Hi Ted,

Please try these files, I've no idea what happened to yoru help files I've lifted these from the build and they open in my browser fine.

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Hi Barry in Particular,
I thought I'd come to the end of this matter following the installation of the new Winamp Help files you sent but there is one anomaly that I need assistance with!
Help works fine from within the Winamp programme itself.  However, if I try to open/activate either of the two replacement files from within the Winamp Help folder, as can be done with other help files in the general help folder, I'm told it's a media file and I don't have a means of viewing it.  Should I not be able to do this?  Both the problem files have a .DAT extension.  I don't see any other files in the general help folder with this extension.
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