[PPC] Announcing new Pocket PC update

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Thu Aug 13 20:53:27 BST 2015

Hi all,

We would like to announce the release of a new Pocket PC version, 1.3.  This version is a free update to current Pocket PC users.

Here is what has changed in the new version:

Firefox updated from V26 to V38.0.5
thunderbird upgraded from V24.0 to 24.5.0
skype updated from 6.7.59 to
winamp updated from 5.65 to 5.66.
Passkeeper bug now fixed, reconfigured bat file to CD to the pass keeper directory then launch app. regenerated the launcher to reflect the changes.
NVDA updated from 2014.2 to 2015.2.
updated file zilla from 3.7.3 to
updated Pazera_Free_Audio_Extractor from V1.4 to V2.1.
added jarte simple text editor.

Should you want to take advantage of this upgrade, please email me directly at Andrew.hodgson at bcab.org.uk<mailto:Andrew.hodgson at bcab.org.uk>, or if you used the version from the web store, download the base image again and it will be the new version.

The association would like to thank Mobeen Iqbal without whom this update would not be possible.

Best wishes,
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