[PPC] how to update pocket pc

Malcolm Price malcolmdanprice at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jan 19 16:00:32 GMT 2015

            hi andrew sorry but as i  say i have no experience at all i  can
just about send and receive  email 

i  can just about use a keyboard 

i hear another update for nvda soon and i will send my ppc back after that
thanks malcolm



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It is very possible to update the NVDA on the Pocket PC, although at present
we don't have an updated image for this, it can be done by running the NVDA
installer and choosing the output folder for a pen drive installation to be
a specific folder on the Pocket PC.  If you need specific instructions or
wish to send the Pocket PC back, we can do this upgrade.


Have you had experience reimaging a Pocket PC in the past using our
reimaging tool?





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hi all could someone on the list tell me is it possible to update my ppc
nvda to the latest 14.4  and how to do this do you have to delete the old
one first i am a pc novice and get mixed up with the difrent instructions
and need all the help i  can get .thanks malcolm.

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