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Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Wed Jun 10 09:24:54 BST 2015

Hi all,

A new technology has been developed to try and mitigate against non-legitimate and spam email which has been taking off in the last few months.  This technology is called DMARC, and unfortunately is not compatible with email lists, as the email lists break the DMARC system and cause emails whose providers publish DMARC information to end up being rejected.

This started causing the list server here issues several months ago when users were randomly being kicked off lists.

There are a number of ways of mitigating against this issue, and the implementation I have chosen for the lists here will I hope be as non-intrusive to screen reader users as possible.

Until yesterday, most of the lists weren't seeing the system in action, but sometime yesterday Gmail decided to publish DMARC records, so the system I put in place started seeing regular use across the lists.

Here is the system put in place:

For email reaching the list, the system will look up if a DMARC record is published for the domain.  If no record is published, the message is sent out to the list as normal.  If a DMARC record is published, the email is modified as followed:

-          The From: header is changed so that the text "Via Listname" is added to the person's name;

-          The email address in the From: header is replaced by the list address;

-          The Original from: header is put into the cc: header.

This I think gives the best balance of deliverability for all users, without cluttering up screen reader users with other information in the message or the From: header.  Yahoogroups have their own way of mitigating this for all messages, and I feel this causes extraneous information to be heard for example using the screen reader.

The DMARC website is at www.dmarc.org<http://www.dmarc.org> if you want to see more information.  This is a very new standard, and I hope there will be a way devised for people to use mailing lists with this technology in place which has a better solution.

Thanks and happy listing,
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