[PPC] nvda ON THE pOCKET pc

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Sat May 14 19:41:16 BST 2016


If you update the NVDA installed to the following folder:

PPC drive:\System Configuration\NVDA

The shortcuts in the root of the folder should still work.


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I have purchased the vocaliser synthesiser for NVDA on my Pocket PC and this only works of course with one license of the software. I would like to update the software so that it can carry on using the vocaliser voices, and also use the "2nvda" option. I am assuming that this has been compiled in some way to achieve this, and so this makes it difficult for me to sort this out for myself. If you sent me an update, I would then loose my vocaliser voices. Can you help please, as I wish to keep my NVDA software up-to-date as and when the updates become available?

Thanks very much.

Paul Nugent

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