[PPC] Seeking help with the DeLonghi. Esam 4200. Bean to cup coffee machine as recommended from this list

Brian K. Lingard bkl at ncf.ca
Fri Dec 14 09:01:15 GMT 2018

Dear Barry && List:

Not heard of your coffee machine. Sounds close cousin of Cuisinart Grind &

Google the makers or brand, see if freephone for consumer enquiries. Or Dial

Have a BUNN, make many coffee makers, including Titan, twin makers, 64 cups
each. What the Chef ordered for your big meeting, party or after services
Kaddish or after Church Social Hour.

While they are a US firm, found their plant in Canada is about 10-miles up
Ont. Hwy. 11 from where I grew up.
Interesting has manual water hardness selection.

My Bunn K-Cup style machine uses water-dissolved minerals to complete
circuit for heating element. Flatly refuses to brew with Reverse Osmosis
filtered water.

Friend said her Grind N Brew makes fabulous cup of coffee. She lives alone,
has Millions of precision parts which must be disassembled regularly to
remove stale coffee are  the downside.

Bunn K-cup machine has carriers for hot water, tea bags, ground coffee.

Hot water carrier has no basket, machine fires hot water straight into cup.

Ground coffee is better for the environment & cheaper per cup than pods.

If your machine uses pods, look for Laura Secord Hot chocolate & mint hot
chocolate pods. Tastes great, likely bad for blood sugar!

Brian K. Lingard

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machine as recommended from this list

Hi all.. I got the machine and have managed to get help with the initial
setup.. Including, setting the water hardness, and the temperature.. I can't
get it to make coffee though.. I have managed to get hot water... I know
where the on off, one cup, two cups, eco., steam, and another button is
located.. I have put ground coffee in bid hand see the bean grinder
section.. I am guessing there is a sequence to switch from ground coffee,
beans, and hot water., as well as CAPA chino.. Please can someone hell me.?

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